What are Aliases?

An Alias is an alternate email address that points to your existing email account. This means that an email sent to your alias would appear in the same email inbox as your main email address. You can also send an email from your alternate email address without switching accounts.


From talking to home buyers, selling your car, or looking for a job, aliases are a perfect solution for when you may want to use a temporary email address.

How do I add an Alias?

To add an alias into BlueMail tap More (o o o) | Various Account Settings | Tap the account you wish to add an alias to | Edit Aliases | + | enter your new alias email address followed by a name.

How do I use an Alias?

Sending an email using an Alias is done by simply selecting the From address within the compose email view.

Please note you must first have an alias created with your email provider. Listed below are a few resources to create an alias with various providers: